Welcome to my brand new blog and my first ever blog post. Phew! Things are about to get mediocre with a touch of insanity as a 24-year-old woman figures out how to maintain a blog. My only experience with this might be my Neopets website back in elementary school, so it’s been a while. I’ve always been that weird lurker that occasionally builds up the courage to communicate with other people on the internet to little success. This blog is just going to be a little slice of me on the internet to keep me accountable for myself. I suppose I’m not particularly loquacious or terribly interesting, so… *coughs* ANYWAY


      • Write more book reviews! With potential added bonuses to be figured out
      • Capture my book hauls because who doesn’t love watching a good haul video in text format? …right?
      • Post my exploits in analog film! My second roll of film (the first failed) is on its way to the developers and  I’m so excited!
      • Establish my name in a creative spot in the internet for future creative endeavors. The aforementioned endeavors will probably be announced within the next few years.

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