1920s One Hour Dress

I made this dress for NYE (a couple years ago now) to ring in 2020 in a (19)20’s dress. It’s a bit sad now to think about how 2020 ended up going, but that’s besides the point. I don’t need to make yet another 2020-Bad joke, we get it.

I bought an old silk dupatta on ebay and a matching poly satin lining. The dupatta took quite a bit of love and repair and clever cutting to make it work and I ended up having to create a plain waistband to get to the length I wanted. However, I didn’t give myself enough time to finish this project (and I never will tbh) so I really don’t like how the plain waistband attracts too much attention to the waist. Also none of the edges are finished and I wore so many safety pins to that NYE party, I would have tripped a metal detector.

I included my math and diagrams below, though I don’t know if I would actually recommend you follow any of it. There are some better blogs below for that shit.

Some other blogs (with actual tutorials):




Featuring cats who love to play in my dresses

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