Stretch-N-Sew 350 Review

I’m going through and posting most of the sewing projects I have made and never blogged about. As I’ve been progressing in my sewing career I realized that sewing pattern reviews and general commentary is actually super useful (who knew) and maybe I ought to contribute. Mostly maybe I just wanna post my pictures as I get better at taking them.

This pattern was actually pretty simple and easy and forgiving. I had a bit of a knits kick this summer after I purchased my refurbished serger and it’s been great. I didn’t do any fitting on this one, though I do need to take in the side just a smidge. Also I did a pretty shit job on the collar, but I was so sick of the scrap fabric I had chosen for the collar that I just didn’t even care at that point.

It was really quite interesting to add darts to a knit garment and it really did add the nice fitted shape I was wanting. There’s a huge range of collars that makes this pattern super versatile and I’m definitely going to remake it a few more times in the future.

**Self promotion** I actually have another copy of this pattern on my Etsy shop ~here~ if you’re interested in the pattern. This shop is a passion project of mine so I can justify purchasing a box of sewing supplies for a couple pieces.

Featuring Calcifer who was done with my bullshit
Someone knocked on the door as I was taking this picture and then I felt bad for taking a selfie lol. Featuring the Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes.
Also a big fan of wearing daisies on daisies. I really gotta earn the right to my Instagram username @dropoutdaisy

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