Gathered Gingham Skirt

A few months ago I was inspired by this huge gingham skirt on Pinterest, worn by Brigitte Bardot. I just knew I had to have it for the coming summer months and when Annika Victoria’s latest Make Thrift Try challenge was gingham-themed, well my project was already decided for me.

I realized quickly a simple circle skirt was not going to work to keep the lines straight, so I purchased 3 yards of black gingham fabric and cut it down to a rectangle of 3 yards by about 28 inches. I used this blog and this Skillshare video to get an idea of what I was in for. I have never tried to gather 3 yards down to 32 inches and I definitely ran out of thread with two rows of running stitches at the gathered point and then sewing the hem that I re-did twice after I forgot to add the trim.

I thought that the straight lines would help me with knowing exactly where to sew, but I had a fair bit of trouble adding the waistband and the invisible zipper. At the time of the zipper I was rushing a bit too much and it definitely needed more patience to make sure the lines matched.

Last but not least, I found 5 yards of vintage eyelet trim on Etsy. There was a fair bit of discoloration, but I was able to salvage just enough for the 3 freaking yards (!!) of fabric. I think on Bardot’s dress, the trim is actually attached to the petticoat but I didn’t want a skirt that was too poofy that I wouldn’t wear very often. I used this tutorial for attaching the trim, but I think in the future I will hand stitch the hem instead of being lazy so I don’t have this unsightly line running through the edge.

But that’s okay! I love it in the end! The waistband might be a tad wonky and the zipper pull is more visible than I would like, but I made a thing!

I’m back!

Just a quick blog post for today. I just got back from a 2 week long camping trip with my husband and I have so many new ideas for this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll still include book content. However, I do feel that my interests tend to be all over the place and sometimes I just don’t have the content for a 100% book blog. At the moment I am keeping my domain name (it would be too annoying to change it everywhere). Look out for more updates!

Summer Excuses

Yearning for more summer reads

Summer tends to be my most ridiculously busy season. We travel or have planned events almost constantly. Sometimes it feels so inconvenient to be married. We have to visit his family or my family who are 1-2 hours away from us in opposite directions. Then I visit my best friends and he visits his best friends or we both visit our collective best friends or we all go to concerts or we have friends stay over or… And then who has time for keeping up with the house!? Oof. So instead of a book-related blog post (you know, the reason I have a blog), here is a list of excuses for why I am posting erratically for the foreseeable future.

G E N   C O N

Gen Con is my favorite convention I’ve had the liberty of visiting, and it’s huge and it’s close to my house! My BFF and I are creating a secret Bob’s Burgers/Borderlands crossover cosplay and I am unbelievably pumped. I will definitely post my finished products and our resources for future reference.

M Y   R E C E P T I O N

I’m already married, but in August my husband and I are finally hosting our reception to celebrate with our families and friends. There are under 100 people attending and it will be super low key, but it’s still stressful and time-consuming. Wish me luck, I’m going crazy. I just found out our taco truck double booked us and can no longer cater, so I’m scrambling to find someone to feed my guests.

F E S T I V A L S / S H O W S

This portion of my life is always the hugest. We live near our favorite music venues and take full advantage of that fact. We’re seeing Chicano Batman, L.A. Witch, and Sugar Candy Mountain over the next few months. Festival-wise, we’re going to Back Alley Ballyhoo (a local psych music fest), Desert Daze (a non-local psych fest), and Dirtybird Campout (a house fest). And then we’re also going to two different craft beer festivals. Thankfully, these are all planned out over the next few months into October, but I’m booked. Don’t ask me to go to any more festivals, I just paid for most of them last month and the price of fun is not book hauls (lol jk).

I N   C O N C L U S I O N

Contrary to the vibe of my introductory paragraph, I am actually legitimately excited about everything I’m doing, but these are also all things that eat into my precious reading time. I attempted to force myself to read, but I want to be happy with what I’m reading and produce decent reviews. Instead, I am just reading when I can and I hope you’ll bear with me in this hectic time of my life.