Our first cosplay collab in 2018, Bob’s Borderlands

Best Blobs Cosplay | My best friend Addie and I have been into Halloween costumes and creating for years, when finally at Gen Con 2018 we decided we needed more excuses to dress up. Finally we made our Best Blobs inside joke a real, actual thing. Our favorite collab cosplays so far are Tiny Tina Tina and Mech Louise, and Voldemort and Sexy Dumbledore.

Our first implementation of the LED earrings (pls excuse the blurry gif)

Electrodesia | My husband and I have been going to music festivals for years together and finally decided to get serious about our LED art a couple years ago. Highlights include these earrings, an infinity mirror totem, LED bracers, a mushroom hat, and a light up hoop skirt.