Beginner’s Pattern Review: Burda Style 7109

Glamour shot of the “before”

I have recently become obsessed with vintage fashion, lovely lounge wear, and sewing. This pattern felt like the most logical first step to creating my first piece of clothing from an actual pattern. Bear in mind, this blog post is not a guide to using this pattern, but rather a documentation of all the mistakes I made on my journey to becoming a competent sewist.

First of all, don’t use flannel. I legitimately just wanted to test my pattern following skills and wasn’t too focused on making it pretty, so I just grabbed a random couple of yards of this cactus print fabric from my stash. This pattern would really shine with a light cotton and would drape much nicer and similar to the 60’s style as intended. I also omitted the ruffle at the neckline because I really couldn’t be bothered. The next time I use this pattern I will definitely add some delicate lace trim and it will be awesome.

Secondly, learn how to choose your size I guess? I was incredibly confused by the size guide. I picked the size that was closest to my measurements (which was a much larger size number than I am used to but I thought it might be one of those weird sizing things), but I guess it was supposed to be your measurements plus how the garment is supposed to fit, but it ended up being a tent. I sized down quite a bit and it fit fine. Is this a normal step for sewing? We’ll find out.

Recutting and resizing and redoing

Lastly, pattern direction is super important. Think things through before just going for it! The pattern is for non-printed material and I blindly followed the layout instructions instead of taking a minute to realize what I was doing…

Proof I’m not insane, but also that I blindly follow instructions

In the future I will use a better suited material and will use the instructions to add the tie as seen in the longest version on the pattern. I was lazy when I was taking the final shot below and just grabbed a measuring tape, but I ended up making a matching belt/tie out of the scraps and I like the fit better. Eventually I’ll probably make the shorts version too ’cause dang that’s cute. All in all, I give this pattern a solid meh and a definite redo.

The upside down cacti was an artistic choice.

Resources I used:

Original inspiration: The Crafty Pinup’s Review